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The Mariner East pipeline puts private profits ahead of the safety of Pennsylvania families.

This pipeline puts 105,000 Pennsylvanians at risk. Your families, friends and neighbors.

This site serves as a hub to help you find and get involved with your community.

Local Groups & Stes by County

Why Does This Site Exist?

It's beneficial for every message like a lawn sign or pamphlet to have a way for an observer to get involved. Given the #ResistMarinerEast effort is grassroots, a hub is needed with a memorable URL that can be printed and distributed. If you're making lawn signs, pamphlets or other materials, please feel free to use "" on your materials so that people can find you. Use the "Request Listing" link to get your site or Social Media group listed.


This site isn't intended to offer much editorial content, only to act as a hub to connect people together to fight for their communities.


Header Image Credit: FracTracker Alliance

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